Ginn scribble discussion of female authors--hey, I know something about that!

I'll be blogging at April 14th and 15th. We're discussing female authors--though I think we may actually just be discussing human beings who write books and hopefully have a few laughs! (I might have blogged something about plot-bots, toasters, and the ovens they hate and admire.. maybe.)
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For those about to read...

Yes, I’ve been invited to do another book reading!
This time it will be at Gay City’s Calamus Auditorium in Seattle on Feb.21st at 7pm. And It won’t just be me. Astrid Amara, Laylah Hunter, and Samuel Jarius Pettit will all be reading as well!

For anyone interested, here’s all the information—as well as a very cute rocket design!

Or there’s also that thing called facebook. !D

As for me, I still haven’t settled on what I should read— I’m certainly open to suggestions, if anyone has a request—I’m torn between something that’s already out or an excerpt from a work in progress. Whenever I sit down to ponder a selection my mind wanders back to memories of sipping a brew from Kaladi Brothers Coffee, which shares space with Gay City… mmmmm coffee… wonderful dark, warm coffee…

Damn it I did it again!

Well I hope to see some of you there—maybe we can sit down afterwards to chat and enjoy a coffee…mmmm coffee…
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Backlist Sale just in time for the Winter Holidays!

I just found out that the fine folks at Blind Eye Books have decided to make the holidays a little more cheery by putting nearly all of their print releases on sale—for $7.00!

The books have to be purchased from the Blind Eye Books website and it’s a limited sale—once the books are gone so are the sale prices. So if you’ve ever wanted an extra copy of Wicked Gentlemen, the Lord of the White Hell books, Irregulars, or the Tangle Anthology now would be the time to snap them up!

I just snatched extra copies of Strange Fortune, Turnskin, and Tangle Girls to give as gifts –and now my holiday shopping is nearly done!

I might just be finished before Solstice! Just need to find the perfect gift for a little lad who loves bison and math... bison and math? A cow-culator? heh heh... I'm never going to find something for him, am I?

Ginn scribble

Advent Event and Irregulars are GO!

Not only are all four Irregulars Holiday coda up on Josh's blog--and I have to say that Nicole, Josh, and Astrid each wrote wonderful stories-- but the Rifter coda is now available at They even made me this super cute banner!  (I suspect it even links right to the page!)

rifter coda banner 1
And that's just the start.
Yes, more holiday cheer is soon to come!
If you listen closely you can hear the workshop full of elves, each stuffing stockings until the seams nearly burst!
Ginn scribble

Gifts and Prizes for All!

Long, long ago—this spring, actually—promises were made. Now it’s time to deliver, and I’m pleased to be making good and keeping great company!

The Irregulars gang has crafted a collection of Holiday Codas to put a little extra kick in your gingerbread! Josh Lanyon has graciously agreed to post them all on DECEMBER 5th at Just Joshin. (While you’re there you really ought to check out all of Josh’s delightful holiday stories and snap up a copy of KICK START!)

Also on DECEMBER 5th FOR ONLY ONE DAY will be offering the entire Irregulars anthology for $1.99 just to celebrate the release of the holiday codas!

But what about the rest of the month? Fear not!

Holiday Codas for Lord of the White Hell, Rifter and Wicked Gentlemen will each be appearing for the Advent Event at Live Your Life Buy The Book.

When exactly? I don’t know—that’s the fun of the Advent Event! Starting December 1st wonderful stories and all kinds of extras from a bevy of fabulous authors will be popping up every day to make us all just a little more merry!

Happy Holidays!
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Rifter trilogy
It's here!!! His Sacred Bones--the last print volume of the Rifter--has arrived and it's packed with extra goodness! Not just pictures and a cartoon but also an extra little story!

I'm so excited and happy that all the books are out at last, I can't even describe the feeling! I keep picking the volumes up and flipping through the pages with this overwhelming sense of satisfaction and relief.  I think the Rifter project didn't actually feel completed for me until just now, when I was able to hold all three volumes in my hands-- both hands-- and experience the physical reality of so much time and effort.

So many people did so much work on this project and were so supportive that I couldn't even begin to repay you all. The only think I can really do is dance around in delight and shout, "THANK YOU ALL!!!!!"--at least until the neighbor comes over and asks me to quiet down. :D

His Sacred Bones extra page
Pictures! It has pictures!!
Animal illustrations from his sacred bones
Ginn scribble

Interview and Reading

I just looked up from writing to realize that I need to prepare for a book reading in Seattle at the University Bookstore on this Thursday--the 25th.

If anyone is planning to attend or has any thoughts about what I should read from--an old favorite, something unpublished, the back of a cereal box-- feel free to send me any suggestions. I've got 15 minutes so there's time for karaoke too!

Or you can contact me at HERE on goodreads, where Tracy Timmons-Gray has just posted an interview with me.

Let's get together and stay out late!

What are you doing September 14th 2013?
Maybe attending the Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up in Seattle?
(I know it sounds a little like a gay singles mixer, doesn't it?  But we're gathering in the Seattle Central Library--so I'm thinking it'll be a more literary sort of meet-up... though who knows. Romance could bloom at the reference desk.)

A number of awesome authors will be there, which is just one of the reasons I'm stoked. (The other is that I'll hopefully have completed my Lord of the White Hell sequel and will be able to stay out LATE afterwards !!!!)
Look who's going to be there!
Astrid Amara
Heidi Belleau
Angela Benedetti
L.C. Chase
Stormy Glenn
Amelia Gormley
Daisy Harris
Amber Kell
Nicole Kimberling
Finn Marlowe
MJ O’Shea
Rick R. Reed
P.D. Singer
Andrea Speed
Ethan Stone
Lou Sylvre
Anne Tenino

There are more details on goodreads if any of you are interested.

Irregulars cover

Okay, one more time--and an extra bribe

Irregulars is now in the last round for the LGBT category at DABWAHA but we're up against a juggernaut, (Who's written a pretty funny rally for her own forces, calling upon them as the soldiers of the Dark Lord to smite us--my buddy, Josh in particular).

And we've got bad hours for voting--Midnight to noon (central standard time) March 28th. That's right, for those of us in the US the voting will start at or very near the stroke of midnight and close down before lunch is even served. Which means votes will have to be cast in the gloom of night, basically TONIGHT or First Thing in the morning on the 28th!

So, I willing to throw in one more bribe for those willing to stay up late or rise early to lend a hand. Not only will I write a Holiday coda for my characters from Irregulars but  I will also write one for  the characters of Lord of the White Hell or Wicked Gentlemen if we take this category.

Just vote and drop me a note--here or just email me--with your request.  If Irregulars succeeds, I will post the holiday codas here and on my website for the entertainment of all.

So, if you would like to know how Javier and Kiram spent their solstice together, or want to peek in on Harper and Belimai's troubled holiday please do vote!

--Now, I better get writing!

Ginn Hale Irregulars

Round Two!

We slugged our way--thanks to you guys-- into round two of dabawaha but now it's really, really close and every single vote counts!

Why is it so important?  Well, Astrid Amara has helpfully created this video to explain...take a look and you'll see that the lives of ponies and puppies could be at stake here!

So VOTE Irregulars and vote often!